Eric Weicht

Eric Weicht is a paddling fool who likes books, lakes and good beer. After graduating from Colgate University with a degree in Philosophy, he spent a summer solo-circumnavigating Lake Superior in a 15-foot kayak before moving to Grand Marais. When he’s not working at the production brewery in town, Eric spends his free time kayaking Lake Superior, canoeing the BWCAW, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, reading, playing the banjo, and baking sourdough.

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Recent Articles by Eric Weicht

Voyageur Brewing's Boundary Waters Brunette
posted on Monday, Aug 28, 2017
Voyageur Brewing Company's Boundary Waters Brunette. | STAFF September is the perfect month on the North Shore. The birch begin turning yellow. The air is crisp and hitting a temperature perfect for hiking during the day and sleeping at night. The mosquitoes are gone. And breweries all along the Shore are transitioning from their light, summer seasonals to more malt-driven, flavorful fall and winter lineups. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures colder, I start craving beers with a little more flavor, a little more malty-richness compared to the…

Bent Paddle’s Lollygagger Pale Ale
posted on Tuesday, Jul 25, 2017
Nowadays, if you walk into any brewery, bar or restaurant, you’re most likely going to find a pale ale listed somewhere on the menu. A style with English roots, pale ales have come to define the recent craft beer movement in the U. S. Characterized by their “pale” color (the result of a light colored grain bill) and definitive hoppy flavor, pale ales are a diverse group of brews that are delicious, clean, crisp, and packed with a bitter punch of hops. Bent Paddle's Lollygagger Pale Ale. | ERIC WEICHT…

Boathouse Brew Pub: Alimony Ale ESB
posted on Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017
It’s summer—everything’s green, the woods are buzzing with life and everyone’s out enjoying the sun. Summer’s the season for paddling, swimming, mosquitoes, and, of course, crisp session beer. I’ve been spending a lot of time this summer canoeing in the Boundary Waters, so an inland brewery seemed a fitting place to check out for the month of July. This quest for an inland brew led me to the Boathouse Brew Pub in Ely and culminated in me getting my hands on a growler of their Extra Special Bitter (ESB); the…

Blacklist: BIPA
posted on Friday, May 26, 2017
Belgian-style beers are some of the oldest, most unique styles around—and some of the most delicious. Loosely defined by their maltiness and fruity yeast flavor, Belgians are a diverse group of brews that range from sour Lambics and fruity Wits, to malt-driven Dubbels and Tripels. Right in the heart of downtown Duluth, Blacklist Artisan Ales is a brewery on a mission to bring the rich Belgian tradition of brewing good beer to the North Shore. With a solid selection of both traditional and modern Belgian-inspired brews, Blacklist is the place…

Sleeping Giant: Northern Logger
posted on Monday, May 01, 2017
Sleeping Giant's Northern Logger. | ERIC WEICHT Sleeping Giant Brewing Company, located in the heart of Thunder Bay, is a brewery that stands out from the rest for more reasons than just their northern location. With a wide selection of year-round and seasonal brews—ranging from a special coffee-vanilla porter holiday release to a uniquely hopped English Pale Ale with their 360 Ale—Sleeping Giant has a beer for every occasion, and, judging by the couple of styles that I’ve tried so far, a delicious beer for every occasion at that. I…

Gun Flint Tavern: The Mahnomen 80 Shilling
posted on Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017
Ranked by Budget Travel as the ‘Coolest Small Town in America,’ Grand Marais is home to a world-renowned craft school, an art colony that’s been in existence since the 1940s, the World’s Best Donuts shop, and a pair of very solid breweries. A couple of months ago, I highlighted a winter seasonal from Voyageur Brewing Company, so this month I decided to head to the Gun Flint Tavern to see what sort of magic they had going on in the brewery. The brewing portion of the Gun Flint Tavern is…

Castle Danger Brewery: Loch Sloy Scottish Ale
posted on Friday, Feb 24, 2017
  Located in downtown Two Harbors, Castle Danger Brewery sits in a pretty cool spot. With windows facing the historic harbor—home to both an operating Taconite Dock as well as the historic ‘Dock No.6’—Castle Danger is a brewery that, in the spirit of the North Shore, brings together the modern and the traditional through the timeless process of brewing beer. Before making the trek down from Grand Marais, I had done my research and knew exactly what two beers I wanted to try. The first, the Loch Sloy Scottish ale,…

Voyageur Brewing: Otter Slide Imperial Brown Ale
posted on Thursday, Feb 02, 2017
After a long day spent snowshoeing through the woods or carving tracks through a fresh layer of powder, it takes a special kind of beer to lift that lingering chill from the day’s adventures. In the winter, it’s seldom a crisp, refreshing beer that’s craved when thawing out in front of a fire, but rather something rich and flavorful that’s meant to be sipped and appreciated over the course of a long winter night. Something malty, creamy and more often than not, dark in both color and flavor. Usually, a…