Breana Roy

Breana Roy holds a degree in English Literature from the University of River Falls in Wisconsin and she covers the North Shore’s creative side with the monthly Art Spotlight section. When she’s not writing, she can be found teaching dance to all ages at the local YMCA or promoting Narcolepsy awareness.

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Recent Articles by Breana Roy

Art Spotlight: March 2017
posted on Monday, Feb 27, 2017
| KATHY FOX WEINBERG Kindling Curiosity For eight years in a row, Spirit of the Wilderness Episcopal Church has sponsored an art show, asking the community to submit art pieces based on a certain theme. This year’s theme is Kindling Curiosity: Lighting the Creative Spark. Artists of all ages may submit up to two pieces of artwork, accompanied with a brief bio and statement about the work. Pieces can be dropped off at the Johnson Heritage Post in Grand Marais, March 20-21. The exhibit will open on Friday, March 24…

Art Spotlight: February 2017
posted on Thursday, Feb 02, 2017
| AARON KLOSS Red Hot Winter In February, most folks associate the term red hot winter with Valentine’s Day and romance. But when I asked photographers and artists to interpret the theme, many sent photos and paintings of brilliant winter sunsets and fire-themed artwork. Others sent candles, red knitted-scarves and hearts. Here’s our favorite interpretations of a red hot winter. Photographer Ryan Tischer caught this amazing red sunrise (above), titled “Aerial Liftbridge.” His work can be found at Lakeside Gallery in Duluth, or online at | JULIE KUIPERY This…

Art Spotlight: January 2017
posted on Wednesday, Dec 28, 2016
| RANDO The Art Spotlight: January 2017 column by Breana Roy features both well-known and emerging artists along the entire North Shore, ranging from Duluth to Nipigon.  A Fresh Start For many of us, a new year means a fresh start; a time to start over, make changes and set resolutions. A new year provides hope and something to look forward to. And while many of us tend to break our resolutions (I plead guilty), something you can always depend on is a plethora of new artwork, which can be…

December Art Spotlight
posted on Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016
| TOM CROSBY Happy Holidays While I’m not a huge fan of the bitter cold that accompanies winter, I do love the holidays. The smell of hot cocoa or cider brewing, sparkling light displays, a kitchen filled with too much (but amazingly tasty) food, the crackling of a warm fireplace, and if you’re anything like my family, a loud house filled with constant laughing and games. So in honor of this magical season, we’ve put together an array of winter and holiday inspired artwork from different artists along the shore.…

November Art Spotlight
posted on Friday, Oct 21, 2016
| CAROLINE KAJORINNE Art that Gives Back For over 20 years now, the Artisans Northwest not-for-profit organization has held a juried holiday arts and fine crafts show at the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay. This year, they welcome 18 new artists, reaching a total of 97 in the group. Mediums of all kind will be available for sale, from pottery, photography and handcrafted knives, to whimsical dolls, pet supplies, quilts and wreaths. | KATIE HUGHDIE Instead of paying an entry fee, participants can donate money to the silver collection bowl,…

October Art Spotlight
posted on Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016
| HEIDI PINKERTON | KRISTI ABBOTT Fleeting Moments Beautiful yellows, oranges and reds adorn the trees and there’s a familiar crisp in the air. Autumn is here, but it’s fleeting. Leaves fall as quickly as they change color and snow soon follows. The chilly air reminds us that winter is right around the corner. But first, we must cherish the beauty of October. | DAN NEFF Heidi Pinkerton specializes in photographing the Aurora Borealis [above]. Her photos are currently on display at the Ely Wolf Center. Visit for more photos. “Day of…

Mama Loved to Worry
posted on Monday, Aug 29, 2016
By Maryann Weidt & Illustrations by Rachael Balsaitis Minnesota Historical Society, $16.95 Life on Daisy Dell Farm can be worrying and baby Eli always manages to find mischief, which has turned Mama into a world-class worrywart. To cope, Mama channels her nervous energy into sewing, knitting, cooking, and keeping the family and livestock warm and well fed. But after Mama saves Eli from yet another predicament, she realizes that at some point, you need to start living and stop worrying; everything will turn out fine. This creative and fun kid’s…

September Art Spotlight
posted on Friday, Aug 26, 2016
| LILY WINTER Studio Tours and Art Festivals September; the official start of autumn. The leaves have begun their transition. Beautiful hues of red, yellow and orange create breathtaking scenery; an art display in itself. To celebrate, why not take a scenic tour along the lake, while participating in the Crossing Borders Studio Tour and the Lake Superior 20/20 Studio Tour. Also this month is the Ely Harvest Moon Festival, Sept. 9-11, and the Grand Marais Art Colony Plein Air festival, Sept. 9-16. | DOUG JACKSON   Lake Superior 20/20…

Living with Narcolepsy
posted on Thursday, Aug 25, 2016
“You are what we call a ‘textbook’ case, meaning you have all the symptoms, making your diagnosis easy.” Narcolepsy. All I really knew about it was what I had seen in the media: people falling asleep mid-sentence and collapsing. I’d never actually met anyone with narcolepsy and I’d never even heard of cataplexy. Yet apparently I had been living with both for a few years, and it was nothing similar to what is portrayed in the media. Looking back now, I realize symptoms had been building up, but the symptoms…

August Spotlight: Celebrating Superior
posted on Tuesday, Aug 02, 2016
| Jo Wood | Nancy Seaton This month, we honor Lake Superior. Both beautiful and powerful, Lake Superior is more than just a lake. Many people depend on it for work. For others, it provides inspiration. Photographers and artists flock to it, hoping to capture the perfect image. Tourists plan trips around it. For me, it provides tranquility and serenity, even on the stormiest of days. Because even at its worst, there’s something mesmerizing and empowering about Lake Superior. | Anne Gorham Nancy Seaton works with blown glass to create…

July Art Spotlight: Celebrating the Arts
posted on Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016
|Jennifer Nunnelee While I’m not skilled with a paintbrush or camera, I am a performing arts dancer and a lover of all art forms, which makes July one of my favorite months of the year. Art festivals are abundant throughout the Northern Wilds. There’s the annual Grand Marais and Hovland art festivals, Ely Blueberry Arts Festival, Two Harbors Chalk.a.Lot, DAI Paint du Nord, Ely Greenstone Art Show, and the Duluth Art in Bayfront Park in August—just to name a few. Not to mention all the art exhibits being showcased. With…

June Spotlight: Canoe Country
posted on Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016
|Kah-Nee-Tah Gallery |Brian Holden Ahh, June, my favorite month. The air is warming up, the snow has melted (or most of it anyways), school is out and summer is right around the corner. Now is the time to pack a lunch and jump (or carefully step) into a canoe. Plan a BWCAW adventure, a day trip, or simply paddle around a nearby lake for a few hours. Whatever you choose, you best go now before the incessant buzzing of mosquitos grows into a full-fledged choir. On second thought, you probably…

May Spotlight: April Showers Bring May...Fish?
posted on Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016
Dave Gilsvik paintings, such as “Last Light Laker,” can be found at Sivertson Gallery in Grand Marais. |DAVE GILSVIK For many folks, May means fishing opener. The snow melts, ice disappears from the lakes, and the forest wakes from its winter’s sleep. And while the weather tends to be unpredictable, one thing is certain; the fish are biting. This month, we bring you all things fishy.   |JAN ATTRIDGE |KARI VICK Many Cook County folks might recognize this local fisherman from Dockside Fish Market. “Harley Tofte and Cisco,” was recently…

April Spotlight
posted on Monday, Jun 27, 2016
Celebrating Mother Earth Not everyone is lucky enough to call the North Shore home. For those of us who do, we often take for granted the beauty that surrounds us every day; the forests of whispering pines that provide solitude, the exciting glimpse of a moose or bear when we least expect it, and the tranquility of Lake Superior on a calm, sunny day. Kari Vick Friday, April 22 is Earth Day; a day that reminds us all to stop and think about our effect on the environment. And politics aside,…

March Art Spotlight
posted on Thursday, Mar 03, 2016
Duluth Art Institute "Man with Umbrella" was inspired by 1950's street photography. | KEN BLOOM This month, two new exhibitions are on display at the Duluth Art Institute until April 2. "Public Domain: Photographs by Ken Bloom," showcases Bloom's three-year project documenting public life in Japan during the 1970s. In 1976, Bloom bought a one-way plane ticket to Tokyo to find his "decisive moment." He had only $60 in his pocket and his camera with him. His bold actions to explore a new land are mirrored in his bold-photography, creating curiosity and wanderlust in many viewers. An Artist Talk is scheduled for March 15, at 5 p.m.,…

A New Beginning
posted on Thursday, Dec 31, 2015
“Mouse Island,” an oil painting by artist Allison Eklund, was created “en plein air” at Camp Menogyn during last year’s festival. | ALLISON EKLUND The holidays have quickly come and gone, thus begins our fresh start to the New Year. To celebrate this joyous beginning, we start the month of January with the outdoor Winter Plein Air, held Jan. 24-29. Allison Eklund, St. Paul artist and member of the OPM, created this oil painting titled “Menogyn Sunset”. | ALLISON EKLUND Now in its fifth year, the Outdoor Painters of Minnesota (OPM)…

'Tis the Season
posted on Wednesday, Dec 02, 2015
Oh how quickly December sneaks upon us, bringing the magic of the holiday season. Sparkling light displays, the hum of the all-too-familiar Christmas songs, family get-togethers, snowflakes, mistletoe, the crackling of a warm fire, the smell of gingerbread and hot cider brewing… and the list could go on. In spirit of this magical month, we’ve put together holiday and winter inspired artwork, of different mediums, from artists along the North Shore. Happy holidays!

Lake Superior Storms
posted on Thursday, Oct 29, 2015
Water is a powerful element. Among the Great Lakes, Lake Superior is the largest and most legendary for its displays of power. It is the deepest, coldest and highest in elevation. It has wrecked at least 350 vessels and claimed over 1,000 lives. This month, we honor Lake Superior and her notorious November gales, with artwork from different artists along the shore, all of whom have been inspired by this force not to be reckoned with.  

Fine Dining Along the Shore
posted on Friday, Oct 02, 2015
  Upscale dining can be found along the entire North Shore. |STOCK Looking for a place that offers more than just burgers and fries? Many restaurants along the North Shore offer sophisticated and affordable dining, great for all occasions. Splashing Rock Restaurant, part of Grand Superior Lodge in Two Harbors, offers nice dining with a cozy log cabin feel. As the name implies, the restaurant is located on the rocky shores of Lake Superior, adding an incredible view and an element of class. Splashing Rock offers numerous unique meal options…

Art and its Many Forms
posted on Friday, Oct 02, 2015
Gourd art by Susan Zimmerman of Grand Portage. |SUBMITTED Art is subjective and comes in many different forms, from paintings, ceramics and jewelry making, to the performing arts, which includes dancing, poetry and acting. This month, we add graffiti art from Definitely Superior to our creativity list, as well as some unique handcrafted pieces from Kah-Nee-Tah. Kah-Nee-Tah Gallery Felt painting by Bonnie Gay Hedstrom. |SUBMITTED Kah-Nee-Tah Gallery and Cottages, located on the outskirts of Lutsen, has a unique history. Originally known as Moosehorn Cabins, it has housed many local residents,…