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Ali Juten is an avid outdoor enthusiast, hunter, and writer from Duluth, MN. Besides a Journalism degree, Ali also has a bachelor degree in International Studies and has been to a total of 11 different countries. She hopes to inspire other women to participate in all things outdoors. To follow Ali, visit:

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Recent Articles by Ali Juten

Spreading Wings: North Shore Butterflies
posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2018
When Maryl Skinner, of Grand Marais, happened upon some caterpillars on her milkweed plants last summer, she was thrilled. She knew that she had to do something to help their chances of becoming monarch butterflies. Skinner has always loved butterflies and had hoped to, someday, have the chance to help with one of nature’s greatest miracles. In July of 2017, she had her chance. Although she wasn’t prepared with a home for them at the time, it didn’t take long for Skinner and her husband, Denny, to create one. To…

Cat yoga at the Douglas County Humane Society
posted on Monday, Feb 26, 2018
SUPERIOR—Marissa Anderson and her daughter, Carmen had a special night planned last Valentine’s Day. Their mother-daughter date took place at the Douglas County Humane Society doing cat yoga. Marissa learned about the class on Facebook and, though she hadn’t done much yoga in the past, the cats were what drew her in. “You throw cats into anything and I’m gonna probably jump on board with it to be honest with you,” she laughed. Carmen, who’s nine, agreed and said she thought it would be a good thing for her health…

Young musher to compete in Junior Beargrease
posted on Wednesday, Dec 27, 2017
ELY—There is no doubt about it, 14-year-old Jasper Johnston is a busy teenager. As a freshman at Ely Memorial High School, he is on the cross country team and the cross country skiing team, while also training for his third Junior Beargrease. The races take place the weekend of January 28-31. Last year, Johnston’s training paid off when he came in first place in the junior race. Although it is not a requirement to be fit to dog sled, Johnston says it does help. “Especially with racing. You can help the dogs…

Night Photography Tips from the Experts
posted on Tuesday, Nov 28, 2017
For the novice photographer, capturing images at night can be a blur. Literally. Applying the same daytime photography techniques to nighttime shots can be frustrating. So, what is the secret to taking stunning photographs in low light? After speaking with a few professional photographers, each with different styles, they had some tips to share that could bring a photo from mediocre to stunning. Bryan Hansel, a professional photographer out of Grand Marais, began learning about the art of capturing and developing photos more than 30 years ago in high school…

AMSOIL: An entrepreneurial success story
posted on Monday, Oct 30, 2017
Superior—Entrepreneurship. Certainly a bizarre concept for those who work a traditional nine-to-five work week. However, the late Albert J. Amatuzio, founder of AMSOIL in Superior, WI, was exactly that, an innovative entrepreneur. In the 1960s, when the rest of the country was using traditional oil in their automobiles, Amatuzio’s experience as a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and squadron commander taught him that synthetic oil was the way of the future. After all, every jet engine known to man survived on synthetic oil, why not apply that same concept to…

Get Out and Ride: Snowmobiling
posted on Friday, Oct 27, 2017
The sun won’t rise for another few hours, but there is plenty to do before heading up the North Shore. The truck and trailer need to be loaded with snowmobiles, snacks need to be packed, and last but not least, gloves, boots, snow bibs, balaclavas, helmets and jackets that can withstand the cold and wind. It is the end of January and the forecast for the day calls for sunshine and 28 degrees F., which will be perfect for riding on the North Shore State Trail. In Minnesota, the DNR…

Bow hunting: It’s about more than the hunt
posted on Monday, Sep 25, 2017
Duluth—Whether you’re a hunter or not, harvesting meat in general is a massive amount of work. With a bow though, it is not just about the moment in which the arrow is released; it is the time put in before the hunt that matters. In Minnesota, to legally harvest big game during archery season, you must pull no less than 30 pounds at or before full draw. Even then, a true sportsmen’s goal is to humanely take big game, meaning that they should have full confidence that their shot will…

Happy pigs at Yker Acres Farm
posted on Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017
Carlton—After many years of homesteading and growing their own food, Matt and Sara Weik decided to become full-time farmers. In January 2014, Yker Acres Farm came to be with the purpose of providing food to the local community. But, the Weik’s are not your typical farmers. They love bicycling almost as much as farming, and pride themselves in growing “happy pigs” from farrow to finish. Meaning, their pigs live on the farm from the time they’re born until they are processed into food. These pigs are outside 365 days a…

Minnesota Women on the Fly
posted on Thursday, May 04, 2017
After the snow melts and rivers open up, novice and intermediate steelheaders will head to the banks of the Baptism River to learn the fundamentals of fishing on the North Shore. Women on the Fly, part of Minnesota Steelheaders, will hold their second annual streamside clinic May 20 for women to gain knowledge and experience fly fishing. Lisa Murphy, an eight-year steelheading veteran, is one of the directors for Minnesota Steelheaders and Women on the Fly. Last year, there were five women who participated in the streamside clinic; this year,…