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Judy and Marlo have investigated numerous Thunder Bay sites, from private homes and businesses to ships, parks and museums. | ELLE ANDRA-WARNER
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Spirits & Haunted Houses: Who Do You Call?

Ever wondered if there is a spirit that might be in your home? In the movies the call goes out to “Ghostbusters,” but in real life, who do you call?

Recently I met up with two women in Thunder Bay—the Ghost Hunting Witches Judy Lynne Cryer and Marlo Shann—who answer the calls to check out paranormal activities that might be going on. They’ve investigated numerous sites, from private homes, public places and businesses to ships, museums and parks.

Globally, there’s renewed interest about, and respect for, the world of witches and Wiccan. Centuries ago, it was dangerous to be known as a witch, but times are changing.

Journalist Kerry Ward wrote in her article “FYI: There are Many Types of Witches” in Cosmopolitan magazine (August 26, 2022), “The mid-20th century saw a positive revival of the term ‘witch’ through the Wiccan movement in the US and UK which spread into many feminist and ‘goddess consciousness’ movements. Today, many people from many different spiritual traditions and cultures are reclaiming the word ‘witch.’” Later in the article, she writes, “Witches are here to stay, ppl [people], and maybe you’re among their growing number already” and then goes on to describe 18 types of witches.

So, how to best describe the Ghost Hunting Witches of Thunder Bay? I was glad to spend a couple of hours with Judy and Marlo at a local coffee house a few weeks ago to find out.

“We are both hereditary witches. Family history goes way back for both of us,” said Judy. “We both practice grey witchcraft and have been working together for six to seven years.” While they have connected with other paranormal groups in the past and enjoyed their input, the Ghost Hunting Witches prefer to work on their own.

Thunder Bay’s Ghost Hunting Witches, Judy Lynne Cryer and Marlo Shann, are both hereditary witches who answer calls to check out paranormal activities that might be going on. |GHOST HUNTING WITCHES

Judy and Marlo met at a location where Marlo was doing tarot readings. They quickly connected up and became friends after Marlo approached Judy and said, “Hey, you’re a witch.”

“Our gifts are similar but each of us have different abilities,” said Judy. “Marlo is a witch with ESP (extra sensory perception) who works with all energies. She uses her abilities to make a living by divination (tarot and oracle cards), where I work more with the Wiccan ways and gods. My pendulum and witch wands are my favourite divination tools.”

Together they have investigated many homes in the city and at almost every one they have found paranormal activity. Outdoors they’ve detected lots of activity while walking along McVicar’s Creek and relaxing at Lorne Allard Fisherman’s Park. Paranormal activity was also “very active” on the museum ship Alexander Henry when they toured in October. “We look forward to returning to the ship and site to investigate further,” said Marlo.

“Marlo and I have helped many people in the past years, all in need of some witchy help. Most are just loved ones who have passed, coming by for a visit, but it does scare the family at times,” said Judy.

But just what are some signs that a home is being visited by spirits? Well, some have unusual happenings in the house, like seeing shadows or having feelings of being watched. Other happenings include hearing noises or slamming doors; cold spots or a cold chill passing by; unexplained whiffs of smells; objects moving or falling; lights flickering or the TV turning on suddenly—the list goes on.

When Judy and Marlo are invited to investigate a home, they start by walking through the place, getting a feel for the house. They learn the history of a house, like who has lived there and what has happened in the past. Besides their gifts and abilities of mediumship, their tools include but are not limited to Marlo’s EMF meter to detect energies and Judy’s copper “witches wand” (divining rod) which will point towards a spirit. They call out, “Anybody here? Can you connect with us, make a noise?” Sometimes they see a shadow or form; sometimes they feel dark energies which they both know how to deal with.

Recently, the Ghost Hunting Witches worked with a family who had an attached dark entity. It was a loved one who had passed on but now had become toxic to the family member. A house cleansing was completed, but more will be done.

Last year, the Ghost Hunting Witches were contacted by another paranormal group to do a house cleansing of a different home.

“There were some unexplainable happenings, doors opened and closed, dark orbs could be seen, as well as unsettling feelings. During the investigation our camera did capture images of two spirits,” said Judy. Marlo added that knowing the history of the home was a big help. “We’re happy to say the house no longer has paranormal activity.”

“Our lives may sound different to most, and some of course are non-believers, but we look at it as a normal day for us,” said Judy. “We embrace our differences and are ready and willing to help those in need.”

Need to call the Ghost Hunting Witches? You can connect with them via their Facebook page.

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