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There’s no age requirement for jumping at Sky Zone. From 2-year-olds to seniors, everyone is welcome. | NAOMI YAEGER
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Soaring high: Adventures at Sky Zone trampoline park

If the weather isn’t cooperating, and your kids are bursting with energy, Sky Zone in the western part of Duluth is the perfect place for them to have a blast and burn off that excess energy by bouncing around on trampolines.

“It would be difficult not to have fun here,” said Noah Beyer, a manager at Sky Zone, a trampoline park. He said his clientele is mainly kids but that lots of parents and grandparents accompany the children, and many adults decide to jump with them. In fact, they call their clientele jumpers.

Massage chairs are an option for adults who want to relax while the kids burn energy.

Stepping into the building, a scene unfolds with adults and children patiently waiting in line to acquire their distinctive orange socks. The air is filled with the joyful squeals of children, creating a lively atmosphere.

“Everybody needs to have our special socks with grip on the bottom,” said Beyer. This prevents slips and falls.

The building spans about the size of a football field, featuring interconnected trampolines. Some trampolines feature an obstacle course; others have a dodgeball court, a basketball court, or a zipline and a special area to test your parkour skills.

“Parkour” is a French word and refers to the skill of navigating your body from one place to another in the quickest manner possible. The sport has roots in martial arts and military training.

The palpable excitement is evident throughout the visit.

Though to the unaware observer, it might seem like everyone is jumping around and doing whatever they want, that’s not so. There are employees called flight crew to ensure participants don’t rough house or do things that could lead to dangerous behavior. Flight crew employees Scott Polaski of Superior and Dylan Johnson of Duluth said interacting with the kids makes their jobs fun. Flight crew members don’t stay stationary. As kids naturally gravitate to a new station, the flight crew follows them. The park aims to have at least one fight crew member per 35 children. The park is sold out once the number of jumpers exceeds the number of flight crew members on duty. Beyer suggests buying a membership or tickets online to avoid being turned away due to reaching a limit of jumpers per flight crew ratio.

Jill Gaffke with her son Emerson on a beam above a foam block pit. | NAOMI YAEGER

Jill Gaffke watched as her son Emerson, age 5, walked a beam positioned over a pit of foam blocks. Usually, Gaffke has Emerson’s 6-month-old sister in her arms, but tonight she didn’t, so she decided to join Emerson. The two held hands and jumped together into a pit of foam blocks.

“It’s definitely something to do for those long winter months,” she said.

There’s no age requirement for jumping. From 2-year-olds to seniors, everyone is welcome. Kids age 2 and under enjoy free admission with the purchase of a full-priced adult ticket, encouraging families to make memories together.

Mary Bronson recently purchased a membership for her child Arielle Terch, age 6. “It is a good place for her to run around and exercise during the winter months,” Bronson said.

Sky Zone is a popular spot for children’s birthday parties. The website lists different types of packages, which include soda and pizza from Papa John’s, which the Sky Zone staff will deliver to the table.

Beyer said residents of Thunder Bay often travel to Sky Zone, highlighting its regional popularity. The park features various attractions, from trapezes to climbing walls, offering visitors a diverse range of activities.

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or seeking a family-friendly adventure, Sky Zone is an exciting destination for all ages. So, leave your coat at the door, grab your jumping socks, and get ready to soar high at Sky Zone.

Sky Zone is located at 101 N. 46th Ave. W. Duluth and is open from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. most days. Check out the website for more details:

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