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Nimishoomis Mooz (My Grandfather’s Moose)

With this past October and November being a favorite time for hunting either mooz (moose) or bine (grouse), I think of hunting stories shared with me. I have always loved nimishoomis (my grandfather’s) stories about growing up in Gichi-onigamiing (Grand Portage) and mooz hunting. Even when he was in his 90’s he would share stories of nichiiwad (badstorms) in biboon (winter), where he ran snares for waabooz (rabbit), and reminisces about old mooz hunts.

He would have been 104 years old this year so I added 104 anangoog (stars) in this piece for him. This is my second mooz painting to honor him and his stories with the niizhwaaswi (seven) zhingwaakwag (pine trees) to represent the Grandfather teachings.

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