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Agwadaashi (Sunfish)

As a gwiiwizens (boy), I use to take my newest Hardy Boy book, bait pail and fishing pole and sit by the river and spend all gabe-zhebaa (morning) fishing. It was so peaceful sitting on the dew laden grass watching my bobber dance on the top of the water, hoping for a nice sized ogaa (walleye) to grab the hook. I caught more agwadaashi (sunfish) than ogaa. I would get excited when I saw the golden flashes of yellow and green stripes under the surface; like fire when the sun hit their scales. Even now as an adult, I still find agwadaashi to be a gwanaaj (beautiful) nibi mandioo (water spirit). 

With niibin (summer) here, I am looking forward to going out along the North Shore with my coffee rather than a book, putting down asemaa (tobacco) and fishing for ogaa and agwadaashi. Happy and safe fishing everyone.

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