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Northern Wilds January 2018

A New Year and New Beginnings

January is a month of new beginnings. We are past the winter solstice and the days, imperceptibly at first, slowly begin to grow longer. On the first of the month we enter a new year, when many of us make resolutions to change, to have new beginnings for ourselves. It is fitting, then, that our theme for this issue, Human Migrations, is about people who are seeking new beginnings by moving to the Northern Wilds.

Our writers profiled four individuals and one family who have moved to the Northern Wilds from the far corners of the earth and are building their lives here. For all of them, it was an abrupt change from their homes and countries they left behind. They must contend with everything from learning a new language to adjusting to our notorious winters. You may be surprised when you read about how well they are making these adjustments.

You’ll also find stories about folks who migrated to here and have become established in our communities. One of them is our own Elle Andra-Warner, who will tell just about anyone willing to listen about her Estonian roots. She chronicles her long journey from post-war Europe to Canada in Strange Tales. Maren Webb travels the world by taking us to a handful of ethnic restaurants in her North Shore Dish column. Souvlaki anyone?

If you like eye candy, in this issue we are featuring the winners from our annual Northern Wilds Photo Contest. As always, we had hundreds of entries from which to choose, which makes it difficult for our staff—the contest judges—to select the winners. Check and see if your favorite photos are among the winners.

On the cold front, dog mushing columnist Erin Altemus tells of her travails of juggling her busy life as a new Mom who is working part-time, going to nursing school, living off-grid and training a competitive racing team. Emily Stone takes us beneath the snow to the subnivean zone, where creatures ranging from wolf spiders to weasels are active throughout the winter. Ali Juten introduces us to a young dog musher who is preparing for the Beargrease, which occurs later this month. We get the lowdown on the favorite fish of many ice anglers, the lake trout, from Gord Ellis. Amy Schmidt reminds us to wear sunscreen when we are outside, even in the winter.

Julia Prinselaar visits with the traditional crafters of the Thunder Bay Weavers and Spinners Guild. The wonders of the starry night are on display when Peter Fergus-Moore takes us to the David Thompson Observatory at Fort William Historical Park. Javier Serna reviews a pair of local winter brews. So curl up somewhere warm and cozy and enjoy a winter evening with this edition of Northern Wilds.Shawn Perich and Amber Pratt

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