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Northern Wilds March 2018

Pets: From the cute to the creepy-crawly

Pets. Companion creatures. Therapy animals. Call them what you may, many of us have critters with which we share our homes and our lives. For most of us, dogs and/or cats suffice. Some folks enjoy aquariums, too. But a few folks prefer more exotic animals. We’ll introduce you to some of them in this issue, along with their snakes, poisonous frogs, pigs, lizards and more. And yes, we’ve included stories about dogs and cats, too. Cat yoga, anyone?

This issue also contains stories about traditional March activities in the Northern Wilds. Kathy Toivonen tells us about the nearly lost art of pulling up lake ice for summer use, illustrated with photography by Bill Skrepichuk. Julia Prinselaar visits with one of the owners of a new sugarbush operation in the remote Nor’Wester Range south of Thunder Bay. While this may come as a surprise to folks living on Minnesota’s North Shore, where sugar maple stands flourish along the ridges above Lake Superior, this tree species is less common across the border in Ontario. Denise Axtell shares a tribute to her father, fisherman Joe Carlson of Hovland, who has spent a lifetime on the waters of Lake Superior. Our musher-in-residence, Erin Altemus, tells how a painful accident took her mind off Mush Lake Racing’s scratch from the Beargrease Marathon.

Our food stories in this issue are all about dog treats and food, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the wonderful dining available across the Northern Wilds. Be sure to vote for your favorite restaurants in our annual Northern Wilds Restaurant Awards. You’ll find a mail-in ballot as well as the link to vote online on page 21 in this issue. We will make a random drawing from all voters for someone to win a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice.

Here at our offices, many folks will see a new, yet familiar, face in the Northern Wilds print shop. Kathy Hellner joined our team in January to work with print shop customers and as a graphic designer. Kathy is also a co-owner of Two Dogs in the Web, providing website services for local businesses. Prior to that, she was the owner/graphic designer of Looner Graphics. Kathy enjoys working with local stones in her studio and makes jewelry available at Kah-Nee-Tah Gallery and Joy and Co. Her son William is a U.S. Army First Lieutenant currently stationed in Germany. Welcome aboard, Kathy!Shawn Perich and Amber Pratt

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