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Northern Wilds March 2017


At Home in the Northern Wilds

Traditionally, this time of year is when publications have a home builders or home improvement issue, which are usually filled with stories about expansive new homes and pricey remodeling projects. Our writers took a distinctly Northern Wilds spin on this topic. In this issue, you’ll find stories about living off the grid, building tiny homes, restoring pioneer homesteads and creating structures from shipping containers. Let’s just say that across the Northern Wilds, rugged individualism never goes out of style.

Our self-reliance no doubt explains the abiding interest many folks have in solar power. In this issue, Kim Casey talks with a Nipigon man who has fitted both his home and his camp on a remote Lake Superior island with solar panels. Lucas Will, who set sail from the North Shore to the South Shore, tells us what it is like to go from living in a sailboat to building a tiny home of your own. Recent first-time home buyer Kelsey Roseth offers tips on how to get started with the home buying process. Erin Altemus, who with her husband Matt Schmidt are among the remotest residents of northern Minnesota, tells what it is like to live far off the grid, at least 10 miles from your nearest neighbor. Kathy Toivenen writes about a rural family who incorporated a historic dove-tailed log cabin into their new home. Julia Prinselaar delves into the traditions of the Finnish sauna.

As always, some of our Northern Wilds writers have been out in the woods. Joe Friedrichs goes ice fishing with a Montana man who is a cancer survivor. Gord Ellis gives us the lowdown on a favorite target of March ice anglers: the crappie. Erin Altemus provides an insider’s look at the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon with her report on what it is like to be a handler for a racing team. Mike Furtman shares stunning photos of the sea ducks that winter on Lake Superior. Indoors, Casey Fitchett catches up with Thunder Bay musician Rodney Brown. Breana Roy previews the upcoming Kindling Curiosity exhibit at the Johnson Heritage Post in Grand Marais. Maren Webb surveys a selection of spice shops. Kim Falter encourages us to eat more kiwi, while Amy Schmidt explains a healthy diet and exercise may go a long way toward preventing cancer.

Be sure to check out the winning photos from our annual photography contest. And vote for your favorite eateries in our restaurant awards contest where you’ll have a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of your choice.Shawn Perich and Amber Pratt


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