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Reviving Passion: Katie Bromme’s Artistic Journey

Two Harbors watercolor artist Katie Bromme is inspired by the natural beauty of the North Shore. | RIAH BETH

The creative process is a journey for any artist, presenting many challenges and adventures. Sometimes an artist questions their journey as part of the process. This was the case for Two Harbors watercolor artist Katie Bromme this past winter.

Bromme was on the verge of falling out of love with her passion to paint. With the hope of reigniting her passion, she decided to focus on her craft daily, setting up a 100-day challenge at the beginning of the year. However, the challenge to concentrate on her work ended up having the opposite effect. At the 29-day mark, she felt burnt out and uninspired.

Watercolor artist Katie Bromme. | RIAH BETH

“We are not machines. As an artist, it’s a soul-deep practice that can’t be forced,” Bromme says of her experience.

Bromme decided to take some time off and is now more inspired than ever. Not only is she painting more, but she is also creating better work and living by the philosophy that art is supposed to be limitless.

Bromme has loved to paint for as long as she can remember. In 2021 she took the leap, taking it from a hobby to a full commitment. She is inspired by the natural beauty of the North Shore and her scenes reflect the experiences of living among it. Her landscapes celebrate the Boundary Waters and other glorious natural locations along the North Shore. Bromme uses a technique called “wet into wet,” that starts with wetting the paper before applying pigment. This results in a soft, inviting piece and creates a dreamlike texture when used to highlight the waves of a lake or snow nestled on a pine tree. Recently, her painting of Iona’s Beach was featured on the cover of North Shore Explorer Guide.

Bromme is taking what she learned from her self-imposed challenge and taking the time to enjoy her medium by experimenting with new techniques. She is okay with not having a successful final product, and uses the data she gathers to improve and adjust as needed. Through this process of experimenting, she decided to survey her followers, asking if they prefer canvases hanging vertically or horizontally. However, she joked that didn’t produce useful data. “Everyone had an opinion depending on what the piece was,” she says.

Bromme set a more manageable goal for herself this summer—to register for at least one festival or market a month to promote her work along the North Shore. Local events this season includes the Duluth Summer Artisan Market in June, Two Harbors Heritage Days, and the Ely Blueberry/Arts Festival, both in July. Her advice to others is “if you are into creativity, just keep doing it.”

Bromme has loved to paint for as long as she can remember. | KATIE BROMME

Complimenting Bromme’s art career, she also holds a certificate in homeopathy medicine, completing the four-year program in 2020. Since her painting career is a solo gig, she finds that working with people is a good balance. Bromme enjoys working with her clients; hearing their story, and figuring out the root cause of what they are struggling with. “It’s about listening and figuring out what is happening with the mind and body energy,” she says. She then works to find a natural and classic remedy that is gentle with no side effects.

To learn more about Bromme and her artwork, visit: She is also on Instagram and Facebook.

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