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Wild Berries & Fruits Field Guide

By Teresa Marrone
Adventure Publications, $14.95

Cooking with Wild Berries & Fruits of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan

By Teresa Marrone
Adventure Publications, $12.95wild-berries-and-fruit_opt~s250x500cooking-with-wild-berr_opt~s250x500

Author Teresa Marrone has been foraging for wild edibles for over 20 years, and her handy field guide to wild berries and fruits with companion cookbook will delight anyone who has wondered if this or that berry is okay to eat. The pocket-sized guide breaks berries and fruits into categories by color for quick flipping, and then includes identifiers by plant type, and leaves, plus plenty of details. The cookbook includes easy-to-follow recipes and tips for making everything from desserts to savory dishes with your found bounty.- Kate Watson

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