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By Dorothy Dora Whipple

Chi-mewinzha: Ojibwe Stories from Leech Lake

By Dorothy Dora Whipple
By Dorothy Dora Whipple

By Dorothy Dora Whipple, University of Minnesota Press, $21.95

At age 95, Author Dorothy Dora Whipple has seen and experienced a lot in her lifetime, from growing up among the Anishinaabeg on the Leech Lake Reservation, to watching an American Indian Movement protest in Minneapolis. Now an elder, Dorothy has spoken Ojibwe her entire life and hopes to preserve this endangered language. Chi-mewinzha (meaning long ago in Ojibwe), is a bilingual record of Dorothy’s stories, ranging from personal to cultural teachings. Her recollections, sometimes funny and sometimes emotional, offer insight to the realities of Native American Life. Chi-mewinzha is an easy read that’s both entertaining and educational for all ages.Breana Roy

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