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Bionic Pet Products, “Urban Stick”

Bionic Pet Products, “Urban Stick”

My dogs love to chew on almost anything—our shoes, furniture, blankets, socks, and mittens. The casualties have been numerous. They also like to chew on the recycling–cardboard, which they tear and up and strew around the house and plastic which gets mangled into non-recognition. We’ve come to realize the hard way that if we want to not go broke replacing our best shoes and spend all our time cleaning up after our pooches we need better alternatives for them to chew on.

Hence Bionic’s new line of chew toys. They come in five different shapes and many sizes, and we tried the one called the “urban stick.” The urban stick has weighted ends to create a spiral motion when thrown and it’s ultra-durable. The toy’s open center can be stuffed with peanut butter, which any dog will happily spend hours trying to lick out.

The bionic rubber is made from FDA food grade materials that are non-toxic. Not all our dogs are gung-ho about the urban stick, but Yeller thinks it’s worth his chewing efforts. After several rounds through his canine chomps, the toy shows no sign of wear or tear… a much cheaper alternative to my chacos.

MSRP $17. See —Erin Altemus

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