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Artwork by Sam Zimmerman.

Bald Eagle in Flight at Sunrise

Bebaamaashid migizi ani-mooka’aminig

I saw a migizi (bald eagle) launch itself from a zhingwaak (pine tree) when wiideigemaagan (my boyfriend) and I were driving up to Gichi-Onigaming (Grand Portage) recently for the George Morrison stamp release. It was carrying a waabooz (rabbit) or ajidamoo (squirrel) in its talons. Ingii-azhegiiwe (I came home) and sketched out the painting, but I couldn’t bear to add an awesiinh (animal) in its talons for the painting. 

After working on this all week, the finished piece is now drying. I love the motion of the migizi (bald eagle) and the contrast of the colors in the giizhig (sky) with the gessis (sun) rising. It’s my first migizi (bald eagle) painting in over a year. I added a makwa (bear) on the shore point. They represent the doodem (clan) for providing for and guarding the indinawemaaganag (family/my relatives). Gichi-Onigaming (Grand Portage) represents so many memories with indinawemaaganag (family/my relatives). 

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