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They Came From All Around

History of the 1200 Square Mile Area from Nolalu to Northern Light Lake
By Harold W. Alanen

Written in a storytelling style with plenty of photographs, this book delivers an extensive look at the rich history of a large area in Northwestern Ontario, just north of the Ontario-Minnesota border. In the 14 sections of the book, each with three to four chapters, we learn about the area’s geology, archaeology, and the peoples of the area, starting with the first peoples dating back 9,000 years and followed by First Nations peoples, fur-traders, miners, and European immigrants, particularly Finnish settlers, who began arriving in 1900 to work and farm on the free land. Their stories provide a glimpse of how pioneer communities survived and grew in the wilderness.

There’s also a couple of mysteries, including petroglyphs and 11 man-made ancient stone boxes the size of modern-day milk crates, found openly exposed on the Canadian Shield.

Available in retail outlets in Thunder Bay or directly from the author.Elle Andra-Warner


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