Strange Tales

Strange Tales

Standing on the Grounds of History

The Mountain Portage trail at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park is 1.25 km long on a hard-packed, easy-walking gravel trail. | ELLE ANDRA-WARNER

People were making history here in our Northern Wilds well before there was England’s Stonehenge or Egypt’s Great Pyramids. For example, back more than about 9,000 years, mystery miners were digging for copper at Isle Royale. Around that same time on a glacial beach on Lake Superior near Thunder Continue Reading...

Innovations from the Aboriginal Peoples

The Moccasin Game being played at a trading post in Onamia, Minnesota, sometime prior to 1950s. | POSTCARD COLLECTION
Though the country of Canada came into existence 150 years ago on July 1, the land had already been inhabited for many thousands of years by the First Peoples of the Americas, and many of their ancient inventions and innovations are now part of modern society.  

In the 2014 article “10 Native Inventions and Innovations That Changed the World” that appeared in the online magazine Indian Country Today, writer Vincent Shilling wrote, “Soon after the arrival of Columbus, detailed Continue Reading...

The History of Canada

Camp at McVicars Creek by William Armstrong (Thunder Bay, Ontario; Red River Expedition, July 1870). |TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARY

Back on July 1, 1867, the country started with four provinces, population between 3 and 3.5 million, and Sir John Macdonald as its first Prime Minister of Canada.

It was the British North America Act of 1867 that united three British colonies in North America—Nova Scotia, New Continue Reading...