The Business of Climbing Rocks

Nick Kirchner while climbing with the duo from Spirit Guiding Adventures. | SUBMITTED

I wasn’t sure where to put my left hand.

For the first time since that awkward homecoming dance during my freshman year of high school—an event that featured the first slow dance of my life—I had no idea where my hand needed to be placed. And though the homecoming dance Continue Reading...

A Gift of the Past: Donation of artifacts spans 9,000 years

Rick Anderson is seated between his late mother and father, Lou and Dick Anderson. He and his mother searched for artifacts near the family’s lake cabin in Cook County. | RICK ANDERSON

In a climate-controlled basement vault beneath the Grand Portage National Monument visitor center lies 10,000 years of human history. Cataloged and filed in sterile metal drawers is an amazing collection of artifacts, beginning with the first humans to explore the area after the glaciers receded and Continue Reading...