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A Beginners Guide to Fishing

Fishing is a fun and relaxing pastime that is easy to learn. | GORD ELLIS

Starting out any kind of new pursuit is full of challenges. Everything is new and you may not always know what basic gear is required. Yes, the Internet can provide advice, as can sales people. However, a lot of the time you will be upsold, especially when it comes to fishing. Every year

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Winter Crappie in Northwestern Ontario

Every once in a while, a few buddies and I pile into a truck and head west from Thunder Bay to fish for crappies. The Rainy River District has some great crappie fishing, and that includes the big waters like Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods. Crappie are fun to catch, slightly exotic compared to walleye

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Burbot Winter Fishing 101

So, let’s talk burbot fishing. I realize some of you won’t get past that first line. That’s too bad, but I get it. Like many northerners, I grew up looking down my nose at the burbot. They were an unwelcome winter guest on more than a few lake trout or spec trips, and there

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Ice Fishing Gear to Stay Warm

My angling friends and I sometimes joke that ice fishing would be a lot more fun if you didn’t have to do it in the winter. We generally spin this pithy comment while unloading gear in temperatures so cold it freezes your eyelashes together. Needless to say, frosty weather is a large part of ice

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