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Wilderness Adventure Inspires High School Senior

The Femmes du Nord paddle on a vast Arctic Lake. Mara is on the far right. | MARA MACDONELL

Folks who fret that kids aren’t spending enough time outdoors ought to meet Mara MacDonell, a high school senior living in Grand Marais. She’s not only enthusiastic about the outdoor life, but she is also planning a career in conservation. So what gives?

“My parents are very

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Emergency Tools for the Backcountry

The Forest Service has a trip planning guide on their website for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. | ERIN ALTEMUS

Technology and wilderness seem to be in opposition of one another. After all, most of us head to the wilderness to get away from our screens. But when it comes to an emergency, technology may be a lifesaver—or at the very least, a tool that can go a long way in helping

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How to Plan (But Not Overthink) a Successful Canoe Trip

Portaging is perhaps the most physically challenging aspect of a canoe trip. | Brian Knutson

It’s finally happening: your first trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW).

You’ve secured the trip with a permit from the U. S. Forest Service. The adventure will launch from the entry point you spent hours researching and concluded was the ideal route

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The Challenge of Northern Gardening

The Weberg greenhouse, constructed in spring 2015. | AMANDA WEBERG

In northern Minnesota, it often seems like winter dominates the year. As the flakes fall and snow accumulates, it’s hard sometimes to remember the soil under the frozen layers that is ready to help hopeful growers produce summer vegetables. Many gardeners in this corner of the world lament the

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