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New Bikes on the Block

The cycling world on the North Shore is dynamic. The leaders of the biking community are constantly looking for different ways to bring in new riders and tell the experienced ones about routes that they might not have considered. Whether bumping around on the gravel roads in the woods or rolling seamlessly

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Plot Your Next Adventure: Four Ideas to Start Planning

Now is the time to plan your warm-weather adventure. Northern Wilds writers have come up with four destination expeditions, including hiking, canoeing, kayaking and fly-in fishing. These all require more planning than the typical weekend excursion, but they’re all worth the effort.

Canoe Country

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For the Love of Swamps

You know you are in a good place when a painted turtle welcomes you. | SALLY A. DUNN

When I’m finally called to the big fishing camp in the sky, there will be an alder swamp waiting for me. A celestial ghillie will outfit me with a fly rod, a box of flies, a pair of chest waders and hopefully some bug dope.

Then the ghillie will say, “Sir, if you head off

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