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Rock Steady: Thunder Bay’s Reggae Rockers

Rock Steady’s formation story is one of accidental circumstance. About nine years ago, drummer Dave Campbell gathered a group of musicians to play with Canadian reggae singer Errol Blackwood. Though Blackwood cancelled, the band decided that the show must go on. They rotated singers throughout the

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SplinterTones: Music to Make You Move

To celebrate the release of their first CD, the SplinterTones performed outside the Grand Marais Public Library. | SPLINTERTONES

The SplinterTones know the North Shore. The group’s winding path to their current member cohort is more than 20 years in the making and includes time spent playing as Over the Waterfall and the Splinters. About four years ago, a merger with the Sivertones created the group—cleverly named the SplinterTones—that

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A Student of Nature with a Gift for Songwriting

In many ways, singer-songwriter Joe Paulik embodies the North Woods. His connection to the land and the natural surroundings gives his song writing an extra edge and adds a sense of place. With a following of visitors and tourists alike, he has been entertaining along the shores of Superior for over

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