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Where to See the Birds: Fall Migration

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory

On a September day, a sharp-shinned hawk will begin its migration south from its summer home in Canada. As the hawk nears Lake Superior, it will likely veer southwest along the lakeshore. The ideal wind will be from the northwest and the bird will conserve Continue Reading...

A Visit with Margaret’s Furry Family

Margaret Carlson, age 81, lives in a quaint little house, tucked away next to a hillside on Croftville road, and she takes care of very large family. And according to Margaret, they’re quite spoiled.

On a recent afternoon, I joined Margaret in her yard. At the sound of her Continue Reading...

Through My Lens: The American Woodcock, A Shorebird Lost in the Woods

By Michael Furtman

Cresting a rise on the way back to my truck, I watched my black Lab Bella course through the woods. Her tail began to spin and wag – a sure sign she was scenting a game bird – before she suddenly stopped, and came to a point.

I inched forward, camera ready. Crouching, in front Continue Reading...