Author: Northern Wilds

When you control the dinner menu

They say that indentured servants during the early days of New England used to complain that they were only given fresh lobster to eat. During summer, some Minnesotans can feel their historic pain. Just the other night, I said to myself, “What, fresh walleye again?”

Fortuitous fishing has uncomplicated Continue Reading...

Standing on the Grounds of History

The Mountain Portage trail at Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park is 1.25 km long on a hard-packed, easy-walking gravel trail. | ELLE ANDRA-WARNER

People were making history here in our Northern Wilds well before there was England’s Stonehenge or Egypt’s Great Pyramids. For example, back more than about 9,000 years, mystery miners were digging for copper at Isle Royale. Around that same time on a glacial beach on Lake Superior near Thunder Continue Reading...

Thunder Bay District’s True Murder Investigations

1885 to 2016
By Kim Casey
Ahneen Publishing, $35

The first of its kind, this book offers readers a rare glimpse into the darker side of country life, covering 93 murder investigations that occurred in the District of Thunder Bay, excluding the city of Thunder Bay. A Jesse James Continue Reading...