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Time with the knife, and memories

On a recent afternoon, I begged off from heading back into the deer woods after lunch. A buck was hanging from the gambrel in my garage. I wanted to get to it with a knife. Afternoon daylight and temps above freezing would make the task at hand much easier.

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Blaming deer hunters won’t restore Minnesota moose

Somehow, I just knew it had to be my fault. Are you wondering what happened to the missing Minnesota moose? Wonder no more. Just blame me. After all, I’m a northeastern Minnesota deer hunter.

In a story titled, “Solved: Deer have a direct role in the death of Minnesota Continue Reading...

A Winter Waterfowl Wonderland

It may seem strange that the Northern Wilds would be a place to see and photograph waterfowl in winter. After all, don’t they migrate south for the cold months?

Most do. By the end of November, the majority of ducks and geese have long departed for warmer climes.

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For Two Germans, the Gunflint is “Like Home”

In the summer of 2011, the Northern Wilds office in Grand Marais had two surprise visitors: Gaby Würth and Werner Bahner of Freiburg, Germany. Longtime readers, they have been visiting the Gunflint Trail since 1996. Here is their story:

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