Along the Shore

Along the Shore

Healthy soil: The secret to stopping climate change?

Using photosynthesis to return carbon to the soil will help address climate change. | SUBMITTED

FinlandWhat if there was a way to not only slow climate change, but reverse it?

Automatically, you may think that’s impossible. However, an international non-profit organization headquartered in Finland, Minnesota says they may have identified a way.

Their solution starts with carbon.

“Carbon Continue Reading...

Nordic Nature Group brings forward Climate Inheritance Resolution

When not submitting proposals and resolutions, the Nordic Nature Group finds time for outdoor recreation. |SUBMITTED

Grand MaraisThe Nordic Nature Group has been busy. Between collecting years worth of Grand Marais environmental impact data and presenting it to groups of supporters, it’s surprising that the group manages to squeeze in another big priority: school.

The main mantra of Continue Reading...

Move it in May

Take advantage of the outdoors during Move it in May. | BAILEY WOLDING

“Increasing physical activity can lead to a longer life and improved health. Every hour you’re active, the experts say, adds one and a half hours to your life,” reads the press release from the first fitness week in Cook County, 13 years ago.

Movin and Groovin ran from June Continue Reading...

Could Cook County Grow its Own?

Tim Stark, the tomato guy, sells thousands of heirloom tomatoes in New York City every year. | SUBMITTED

I have been totally charmed and energized by Tim Stark’s “Heirloom: Notes from an Accidental Tomato Farmer.”

I don’t say this because we are both “accidentals,” although I must admit I feel a certain kinship with the author because he was pretty unorganized about his gardening Continue Reading...