Kim Casey

Kim was born and raised in Thunder Bay. She obtained her Social Service Worker Diploma from Confederation College. She went on to Lakehead University, where she graduated with an Honours Bachelor Degree of Social Work. Kim spent several years working in the helping profession, a year of which was in Atikokan. She and her partner Jon, now live in Nipigon.

Over the last thirty years, she has published her biography and two novels, as well as Thunder Bay City’s True Murder Investigations 1882-2014. Kim is in the process of completing her fourth book, Thunder Bay District’s True Murder Investigations 1885–2016. She has also contributed articles to numerous newspapers and magazines.

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Recent Articles by Kim Casey

Solar power options
posted on Monday, Feb 27, 2017
Nipigon—Gas and electric bills keep rising, as well as the frustration of consumers dependent on these public utility companies. It has led many people to seriously contemplate going off the grid. The idea of being able to harness one’s own energy isn’t just about saving money. It’s about freedom of choice in a world where options are becoming more and more regulated. But as alluring as it is to be completely self-sufficient from energy suppliers, there are drawbacks to consider. Over the years, Gary Lange has acquired a lot of…

posted on Friday, Feb 17, 2017
Good Times Await North of the Border How well do you know your partner? Find out with The Dating, Newlywed and Not So Newlywed Game, hosted by Spencer Hari. Held at Victoria Inn on Feb. 11, the evening will begin with a gourmet dinner, followed by the show and prizes for the audience. The event will be held from 6:30-9:30 p.m. and tickets can be purchased online. Calling all anglers and fly fishing enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone suffering from winter fever. Enjoy a night of fishing films and…

Memorable Dates: the Good, the Bad, the Romantic
posted on Wednesday, Feb 01, 2017
Temples and Trees By Eric Chandler I was at the outer edge of the empire along the shore of the Yellow Sea. I had an awful head cold, but I still went to the party. And there she was: the young U.S. Air Force captain with brown hair that I kept crossing paths with. Like me, she was stationed at Kunsan Air Base on the west side of the Korean peninsula. I drank enough liquid courage at the party to ask her out. I suggested a road trip the next…

Cuesta Cafe: another adventure
posted on Wednesday, Feb 01, 2017
RED ROCK—The Cuesta Cafe is located within the Red Rock Township Community Recreation Centre. Run by Jim and Yvonne McGrath, it offers tasty meals made from scratch. Every day a fresh soup is created and bread is baked on site. In the evenings there are specials, like steak sandwiches and ribs. Breakfast is served all day. A variety of pizzas and sandwiches are also available. And for those children who aren’t sure what they want to eat, they have three humorous choices—the I Don’t Know, which is a basket of…

Sky gazing at Wolf River Campgrounds
posted on Friday, Oct 21, 2016
Dorion—Nothing defines the human experience more than being able to gaze up into the nightsky. Whether it be a full moon beaming its bluish hue over the landscape or a constellation of stars pulsating over an open campfire—these celestial objects convey endless possibilities. Not only of galaxies yet to be discovered, but of mankind’s place in the universe. And most of all, to that cosmic magic that speaks to our souls and inspires us to pursue our dreams. Sadly though, this innate quest to understand the unknown is denied to…

Remembering the Rossport
posted on Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016
Dorion—Lying on its side, nestled in some trees at the Hurkett Cove Conservation Area in Dorion, Ontario, lies the hull of a tugboat. Its history a source of pride for many, the Rossport was one of the first tugboats to be made at the Port Arthur Shipbuilding Company. Built in 1915, it was 52’4” long, 6’6” deep, 12’ breadth and could carry 19 tons. The steel tugboat had a large, powerful propeller and could go quite fast. All one had to do was keep feeding the engine with wood or…

Artist finds hidden treasures in the land of Nipigon
posted on Tuesday, Sep 27, 2016
NIPIGON—A poet, writer, photographer and musician, Jim McCullough has never had an interest in using his artistic talents to promote himself. Everything he creates is a celebration of Nipigon and what it has to offer. Jim’s greatest source of inspiration has come from his explorations of the area. As he enthusiastically explained, there is nothing more gratifying than walking along a trail where every corner offers a new vista to marvel. Artist Jim McCullough draws inspiration from his surroundings. | KIM CASEY Some of the most notable spots that Jim…

Judy Plater's Carving Creations
posted on Friday, Oct 02, 2015
  Plater with a carving she showed at the Art Escapes show. | KIM CASEY Judy Plater is a gifted artist who has received worldwide recognition for her carvings. She and her husband live just outside of Nipigon and their secluded property is decorated with her unique creations. In the front of the house, near a waterfall Plater designed and constructed, is the carving of a quizzical rabbit overlooking a garden. Nestled between the house and the studio is an arbor Plater made out of driftwood and local trees. In…

Art by Art
posted on Thursday, Apr 09, 2015
At the end of Nipigon’s Front Street, between the busy railway tracks and the Nipigon River, stands an art gallery owned and operated by Art Laframboise. The walls are filled with photographs he has taken of the surrounding area. Proud of his creations, Laframboise is all about the truth they represent and the inspiring impact they have had on all those who have seen them. Immature Eagle. | ART LAFRAMBOISE Laframboise’s overall philosophy that life should be lived to its fullest is felt in all his photos. Each one captures…