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  • Back Country Races

    Back Country Races

    By Casey Fitchett As spring melts into summer, athletes on the North Shore awaken like the bears, as they get ready to demonstrate their prowess in their respective sports. Preparation has taken place throughout the …Read More »
  • Canada’s Victoria, B.C.

    Canada’s Victoria, B.C.

    A City with a Traditional Yet Funky Soul Story & photos by Elle Andra-Warner I’ve been asked over the years what is my favourite Canadian city. While there’s quite a few great places, one that …Read More »
  • Wildwoods Fundraiser

    Wildwoods Fundraiser

    May 1, Sunday Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation is holding its third annual fundraiser on Sunday, May 1 at Clyde Iron Works in Duluth from 3-7 p.m. The event will feature live music by local bands Black …Read More »
  • Bringing Together History and Dining

    Bringing Together History and Dining

    By Maren Webb This time of year brings fish and fishing to mind. Between the mid-May fishing opener and the re-opening of local restaurants serving fish, we’re either looking to catch fish or eat them …Read More »