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  • Crossing the Boundary Waters, One Step at a Time

    Crossing the Boundary Waters, One Step at a Time

    By Joe Friedrichs In the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), ditching one’s watercraft for an old school, foot-to-earth backpacking adventure is often a forgotten notion. It’s understandable, as the second largest wilderness area east …Read More »
  • Alyce’s Food Truck

    Alyce’s Food Truck

    By Kelsey Roseth There’s an unexpected eating establishment tucked away behind 8 Broadway Art Gallery and the Beaver House building in downtown Grand Marais. If you’re caught in conversation while walking by, you’re likely to …Read More »
  • September Studio Tours

    September Studio Tours

    September brings the changing of leaves. Bright reds, yellows and oranges create breathtaking scenery throughout the Northern Wilds and both tourists and locals alike can be found gawking and taking pictures. And if you’re lucky, …Read More »
  • Thirty Years of Music

    Thirty Years of Music

    By Shawn Perich Along the North Shore these days, live music is taken for granted. On just about every night throughout the year, you can hear live music somewhere in Cook County. Most nights, you’ll …Read More »